The business dynamics are evolving post pandemic in an innovative and creative direction. The more we see all the business processes are heading towards decentralised & contactless exchanges, services like payments, delivery, shopping, transactions, transportation, banking and everything we can think of and these transactions are creating vibrant business opportunities for the entrepreneurs. The idea of creating an organisation which can help us leverage the exchanges, processes and integrate all possible operations is put behind building DOST (Digital Options Serving Terminal) Incorporation, in general decentralised models are first created keeping all transactional possibilities in mind and slowly transferred to the platform where they exactly function in desired way similarly DOST is encompassing all business exchange solutions says founder & consultant Mr.
Kabeer Goswami. 

DOST founder further added that DOST Incorporation has taken the leverage of offering contactless exchange solutions to optimise business processes, lead generations, client communications, CRM, Visitors Management, links Sharing , portfolio management ,payments and transactions.Blockchain technology that is the key to decentralised systems like finance, e-commerce, real estate, automobile, taxation ,logistics, entertainment and so on. This is truly a revolutionary time where things are being recreated , re-modelled , more sustainable, more scalable & more secure thus it allows nations, economies, and entrepreneurs to participate , engage and create.

Mr. Kabeer also mentioned that DOST recently initiated distribution of digital business exchange tools now available in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines in variety of sizes and shapes to look handy and trendy has gathered remarkable attention from market and that shows a promising futuristic business opportunity that an Indian startup can take. This is just a beginning and this beginning is surely going to open many other ways and tools and many other empowering technological solutions to make sure business processes are smoother faster and more reliable than ever before.

The founder of DOST says that DOST is now planning to have its base in Dubai where its processes can be translated in decentralised version so as to make it more powerful for its users by tokenisations and put NFTs as a product and process at work. DOST managment is very optimistic and looking at Indian Government to have little flexible approach towards technological advancements & financial exchanges because it will turn India more attractive for global entrepreneurs, businesses & investors seeing how people, businesses are participating in modern play. It is time to be more co-operative & supportive to the changes.

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