Innovative business possibilities & contactless exchange initiatives - Prakul Singh

The business dynamics are evolving post pandemic in a total new and creative direction. People are heading towards the digital options then be it the seller or the buyer.

The more we see all the business processes are heading towards contactless exchanges, like payments, delivery, shopping, transactions, transportation, banking solutions and everything we can think of and these transactions are creating vibrant business opportunities for the business startups. Says Prakul Singh, Founder, Director ( DOST Incorporation ).

DOST (Digital Options Serving Terminal) Incorporation has taken the leverage of offering contactless exchange solution to optimise business processes, lead generations, client communications, CRM, links & portfolio management and payments and transactions. The recent initiation of digital business cards available in variety of sizes and shapes to look handy and trendy has gathered remarkable attention from market and that shows a promising futuristic business opportunities that an Indian startup can take. This is just a beginning and this beginning is surely going to open many other ways and tools and many other empowering technological solutions to make sure business processes are smoother faster and more reliable than ever before. Just imagine sharing business portfolio and contact with just a single tap and it gets stored on the client’s device. No more wastage of money and exploitation of the nature for the traditional visiting cards or maybe sharing your social media profile directly on someone’s device without the hassle of finding one’s name out of thousands by just touching your DOST card on others smartphones. Sounds like a Sci-Fi movie, right? Well, now you can owe one with DOST.

The vision and the roadmap of DOST is to make the country digitalised by reducing the amount of fake and inorganic data, leads and to overcome the loopholes of any system, thus, increasing the profit and the accuracy of any individual or an organisation. This might sound like an impossible thing but 20 years back we never thought of touchscreen phones, or unlimited data at a cost of almost nothing or we never imagined an AI & ML like talking to a device and expecting it to complete the task. Well, every revolutionary vision looks like a joke and impossible task in the beginning and DOST will take this task in hand.